Haiti is on the United Nations' list of nations that need help in improving service delivery and responding to disasters. Haiti was considered the poorest nation of the Western hemisphere, as of 2009, and has been pummeled by tropical storms with high death rates and massive devastation throughout the country. A variety of nonprofit organizations are focused on helping Haiti recover and re-establish jobs and housing, as well as assisting in other areas of development.


HERO is a health and education relief organization that assists those devastated by natural disasters. The group helps with a variety of projects, including health, education and infrastructure. It has helped establish medical clinics and new hospitals, as well as schools in various parts of the country. Infrastructure programs have helped establish water supplies and improve transportation by re-creating a runway.

HAITI Outreach

HAITI Outreach is focused on health and educational projects in Haiti. The water supply is related to the spread of diseases, such as typhoid fever. The organization has focused on providing low-cost and low-maintenance water sources. Because of the illiteracy levels in Haiti, it also helps build viable schools.

All the Children Are Children, Inc.

All the Children Are Children, Inc., assists children by giving them new opportunities. The organization helps Haitian children in rural areas by improving living conditions. It has programs in the areas of education, health and economic development that support under-equipped schools with salaries, health care kits, staffing and water purification, as well as financial assistance for crop development.

Hands Helping Haiti

Hands Helping Haiti (HHH) focuses on sponsorships of Haitian children. The organization has many projects, including building a school for children who have to travel great distances to attend school. HHH also distributes pigs to families to be used as a way to purchase other items or as down payments toward education costs. The organization requires that half of all litters be given to others.

Running water in Haiti is found only in the homes of the upper class, and many must travel for potable drinking water. The organization built a reservoir to benefit local families, and it will be expanded in different areas as funds allow. Medical clinics have been started, and medication, lab equipment and medical supplies have been donated. Doctors and nurses go to Haiti each March to provide medical care.

Clean Water for Haiti

Clean Water for Haiti is a Christian mission that focuses on sustainable water solutions and provides a filtering system. Members of the organization make regular trips to Haiti to provide one-on-one education into how to use the filtration system. They also promote sanitation and hygiene to prevent the spread of disease.

Lamb Fund for Haiti

Lamb Fund of Haiti has approximately 20 projects in Haiti that operate under several initiatives, such as sustainable development, particularly to improve agricultural practices. The organization also has a community micro-enterprise program to provide capital for start-up businesses that can become self-sustaining.

For many in Haiti, wealth is based on the number of animals you have, particularly pigs and goats. The Lamb Fund focuses on increasing the breeding to improve the economic situation in rural communities. Organizational and leadership training programs are held in communities to provide development and management skills.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Catholic Relief Services has been working in Haiti for approximately 50 years and serves approximately 200,000 Haitians annually. The organization's projects include health and nutrition education, water and sanitation improvement, HIV and AIDS education and treatment, and agricultural programs.