Whether you are looking to make a charitable donation, volunteer or are just gathering information for a research paper, it is helpful to know what types of international nonprofit organizations are out there. Each nonprofit organization has a particular specialty, such as health care or protecting animals and endangered species.

Health Care Organizations

Health Development International is a nonprofit organization committed to improving health care conditions in impoverished areas around the world through education and mentoring. HDI has programs in Brazil, Romania, India and China. HDI's mission is to make medical services available to all people. The International Hospital Federation is a nonprofit health care organization with multiple locations around the world, such as Africa, South America, Europe and Asia. IHF works in communities to establish teams that will help develop and operate hospitals.

Animal Organizations

The World Wildlife Fund is an organization that is in the business of protecting animals and endangered species. The WWF works in 100 countries around the world and has millions of supporters. WWF's goal is to restore nature and preserve animal and plant species in their natural habitat. The International Fund for Animals Welfare rescues animals that are in crisis around the world. Members of the organization respond to urgent animal needs so that they may save animals' lives. The organization handles incidents of neglect, abuse and other emergency situations. IFAW has locations in North America, Europe and Africa.

Adoption Organizations

International nonprofit adoption organizations aim to find homes for orphaned children around the world. La Vida International is one such organization that works in China, Columbia and Nepal, and helps locate families in the United States who wish to adopt children from those regions. Christian World Adoption is a faith-based adoption organization that offers programs in Bulgaria, China, Ethiopia, Russia and the Ukraine. Staff at CWA work with families to help them get ready for adoption, including assisting with paperwork and document translation services.

Poverty and Hunger Organizations

Many nonprofit organizations strive to end poverty and hunger through worldwide calls to action. One such organization is The Hunger Project, which is a global nonprofit agency with a mission to teach individuals how to be self-reliant so that they may meet their own basic needs. CARE is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to fight global poverty and hunger. Its helps poverty-stricken countries by educating the community, expanding economic opportunities and relieving communities of crises.