Nonprofit Christian organizations can take the form of churches, faith-based organizations, and outreach ministries. As nonprofit organizations exist to meet community needs, accessing funding sources is a vital part of maintaining the organization’s purpose. Grant sources can help your Christian nonprofit organization meet its financial obligations and in some cases support new project developments within the community.

Faith-Based Grants

Christian nonprofit organizations that carry a 501(c)(3) or tax-exempt status can qualify for faith-based grant offerings within the United States. Faith-based grants are offered by private foundations as well as government agencies. And while some Christian nonprofits may not have a tax-exempt status, those that do are eligible for government-sponsored funding, whereas those without tax-exempt status can qualify only for grants sponsored by private agencies. Faith-based grant opportunities provide financial assistance for a range of project areas, some of which include, homelessness, family services, mental health services, and food distribution. You can apply online through the website.

Cora Foundation

First established in 1997, the Cora Foundation provides grant assistance to Christian-based organizations that teach and promote the principles of Christian living within their surrounding communities. Grant opportunities are offered through the foundation’s education, discipleship, and human services programs. Education program grants help to reduce the cost of private Christian schooling within the K through 12 grade levels. Discipleship program grants promote outreach ministries designed to develop Christian discipleship within communities. Human service program grants assist churches with providing for the basic needs, such as food, health and housing, of needy individual and families. Grant award amounts range anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000. Apply for assistance through the Cora Foundation website.

Mustard Seed Foundation

The Mustard Seed Foundation provides grant funding for outreach projects that help to support and promote the Christian faith. Grant monies are directed towards churches looking to create start-up projects within urban or metropolitan areas. The Mustard Seed Foundation values a church’s attempts to support members who are inspired to share the Christian faith within their communities. Grant award amounts range up to $5,000. The Mustard Seed Foundation requires eligible applicants to provide a minimum of 50 percent of a project’s cost. Submit an inquiry through the foundation’s website.

Stewardship Foundation

The Stewardship Foundation offers grant funding for mission outreach projects within the United States and abroad. Funding works to support Christ-centered organizations involved in leadership training, community development, and advocacy for oppressed societies. Leadership training projects prepare and train church leaders as well as evangelical leaders. Community development projects strengthen and support struggling communities within third world countries in areas involving agriculture, health, and education. Advocacy projects address the social injustices, such as refugee camps and religious oppression that exist within third world countries.