How to Get a Material Donation From Lowe's

by Jeffery Keilholtz - Updated August 21, 2018
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Lowe’s is one of the largest corporate hardware and home supply stores on the planet. Beginning in 1946 in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, Lowe’s provides sales and distribution services in over 1,700 stores in the United States and beyond. Social responsibility is a hallmark of Lowe’s and giving back to the community is an initiative the corporation takes seriously. Getting Lowe’s to make a material donation to your project or program takes a serious and concerted effort. To increase your chances for success, follow Lowe’s charitable contributions protocol.

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Develop a project proposal. State the intention of your project -- rebuilding homes, for example -- and how a Lowe's material donation would benefit the endeavor. Outline in detail the objective of your initiative and how your goals with the project coincide with Lowe's belief in community involvement. Describe everything you need to accomplish your mission, along with who and what your completed project will assist. Itemize costs associated with all aspects of your project and specify the materials – type and amount – you require.

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Emphasize any elements of your project associated with construction, repair or design -- especially if your project involves the building new structures or renovations of existing structures. Include building plans if possible. Mention nonprofit activities, civic involvement or volunteer activities related with your project as well. Lowe’s favors projects with these attributes.

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Initiate neighborhood and regional support for charity needs. Ask the general manager of your local Lowe’s store to sponsor a material donation drive. Invite community residents to drop off material donations at Lowe’s with the intent of all donations going toward fulfillment of your project. Delineate the need for material donations -- gardening tool or snow shovel giveaways, for example -- and ask if the Lowe's store is willing to match the total donations with an equal contribution.

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Partner with a nonprofit charitable organization already associated with Lowe’s on major building projects -- rebuilding clinics or assisting disaster victims, for example. Contact Habitat for Humanity, Skills USA or the American Red Cross to boost the appeal of your cause. Reach out to the Home Safety Council with your project proposal and a partnership inquiry to increase the odds of a material donation from Lowe's and/or grant-sharing possibilities.

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Log online. Visit Lowe’s official Toolbox for Education website if your project involves schools or education of any kind. Click on the “How to Apply” link on the homepage. Follow prefabricated instructions to complete the project verification section of the application. Click the “Apply Now” tab and finish the application following automatic prompts and instructions. Apply for the Lowe’s assistance grant if your project specifically involves educational matters. The grant is usable towards purchase of materials from any Lowe’s store.

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