The Salvation Army is part of the religious umbrella that receives faith-based governmental funding. Given the Salvation Army's mission of serving others through biblical principles grounded in Jesus Christ, lawsuits arise over the funding. Salvation Army clients have the option when receiving Salvation Army assistance to participate in services that critics claim force religion on a government-provided service. There are also lawsuits because of employees feel forced to share the same beliefs as their employer. The only Salvation Army program that does not seem to receive government funding is the rehabilitation program. Many SA offices rely on their thrift store revenue to fund that particular program.

The United Way

The United Way chapters have a long history with local Salvation Armies. The participating United Way agency either gives a certain percentage from its annual campaign efforts or United Way donors allocate their UW donation to the Salvation Army.

Although United Way funding remains a main source across the United States, there are Salvation Army districts severing their UW partnerships. Decreased allocation funds are the prime source for the separation.


Salvation Army chapters also receive funding from foundations. Often this type of funding comes from corporate foundations. Foundation examples include Nationwide and Wendy's International. Civic clubs such as Rotary or Kiwanis also have foundations, a campaign effort or an annual donation that goes to their local Salvation Army. Educational outlets such as the Ohio Department of Education also are foundational funding partners. Banks and investment groups also are a source of Salvation Army funding.

Public Donations


Salvation Army budgets depend on public donations. The Red Kettle drive each Christmas season is a prime outlet for public giving. Salvation Army chapters also have direct mail campaigns. Families also opt for their planned giving to benefit the Salvation Army. This is accomplished through wills, trusts, annuities or consistent donations as the family desires.