How to Apply for Coca-Cola Grants

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The Coca-Cola Foundation gives millions of dollars in grants to charitable organizations that further the foundation's mission of creating more sustainable communities around the world. The foundation focuses on three main areas: the economic empowerment of women, water availability and stewardship, and the well-being of communities showcased by youth development, recycling and healthy living initiatives. The foundation reviews applications all year, and it doesn't limit how much you can request for your organization as of 2015.

Step 1

Visit Coca-Cola's Community Request webpage. Click on the link to access the application.

Step 2

Answer several eligibility questions, which help you determine whether the Coca-Cola Foundation is a good fit for your organization's needs. Questions include whether you're raising funds for an individual, if your organization has an active nondiscrimination policy and if you are asking for funds for groups such as churches, schools or local libraries. These questions weed out some organizations, such as those raising money for individuals, religious groups and schools, none of which is eligible for the foundation's funds.

Step 3

Create a login for the grant application when prompted. You must have a valid IRS-issues tax identification number. Coca-Cola's online system verifies the number before allowing you to proceed.

Step 4

Complete the online application. Answer each question as thoroughly as possible, using details, examples and testimonials where appropriate. The questions might change slightly from year to year, but in general, be prepared to discuss your organization's mission, the program in need of funding -- including its goals and desired or accomplished outcomes -- a list of your board of directors and your annual budget.

Step 5

Wait to hear back from the Coca-Cola Foundation. You should receive a confirmation email shortly after completing the online form. It takes about two months for the foundation to notify you about whether it approved or denied your grant application.


  • On the Coca-Cola Foundation's webpage, download the list of the organizations that received money from the foundation the previous year. This shows the organization names, program descriptions and amounts awarded. It gives you an idea of whether your program and organization might be a good fit.


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