Hispanic women who are starting a business may be eligible for grants through federal, state, local and regional programs. Searching grants for Hispanics and grants for women separately may provide greater results. Though grants are available for various types of businesses, many programs are designed to encourage business owners who seek to better disadvantaged minority communities. The search engines listed may help eligible entrepreneurs find funding.

Hispanic Grants

Grants are available for Hispanic women and men alike through federal and state programs. Designed to support minority entrepreneurs who seek to better their communities, grants are searchable on the Hispanic Grants website. Funds are available for service-oriented businesses and nonprofits who offer benefits and opportunities to disadvantaged minorities.

Women's Business Grants

Women's Business Grants offers a state-by-state search engine of local, regional and statewide programs. Grants are available to women who are U.S. residents 18 and older. Funds are allocated based upon the quality of the business plan, application and relative need. More than 9 million women own small businesses but receive the less funding than men. Women's Business Grants seeks to improve opportunities for female business owners.


Grants.gov offers a search engine for federal grants. Search by keyword, category, agencies or eligibility. Registration is required only once you decide to apply for a grant. More than 1,000 grants valued at over $500 billion are offered. However, federal grants are more difficult to obtain than state or local grants because there are so many applicants for each program.