How to Find Instant or Fast Grants

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017
Find Instant or Fast Grants

Most government and private grants can take months to be a approved for and then even longer to actually get the grant it self. Instant and fast grants can be great to help in emergencies and when just receiving a small amount of money, but when looking for a larger amount you may find that normal grants are your best choice.Learn how to find instant and fast government grants.

Define what you need your grant for. Instant and fast grants are usually on found for those looking for grants under a hundred dollar amount or you are in a emergency situation.

If your are needing cash fast for a emergency, your best option would be to contact family services center. While family services will most likly not be able to give you cash they can give grants and government assistance for food, housing, and health costs. Your local family service center will also have a directory of where to find small local grants in your area for your needs. Local grants that are giving out small amounts of money at a time, are a lot faster then national based grants. In fact some may be able to give you money that day or right after they check facts on your grant application.

If seeking money to pay for a car repair or for other expenses that will allow you to go to work, check out your local economic center, career center, or if your disabled your states vocational rehabilitation center.

For money under a hundred dollars to help support a hobby keep a look out in the classifieds and local news stations. I recently saw a news clipping that reported a arts enthusiast group gave away $10000 dollars to people who showed interest in the arts. All they did was go in line and tell the staff what they sought fund for and that got a instant grant. While this form of grant is not typically found daily, it is a good way for businesses and foundations to raise awareness of there campaign and is happening more often as companies realize the importance of word of mouth advertisement.


  • In order to ensure you will get the grant money as soon as possible always call ahead of time to find out what type of information you should bring with you. It is always good to bring your Drivers license, social security card, and the last couple weeks pay stub if applicable.

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