Operating a dog kennel can be a rewarding endeavor, but like any small business, it can be a challenge to find the funding to get or keep things going. From food to vet bills, there's a chance that you might be able to find a grant to help you business.

The truth about small business grants

The promise of free money is an attractive lure to both active and prospective business owners. Though grants are usually dedicated to non-profit organizations, it is possible to find grants for a small business such as a dog kennel. Contrary to popular belief, the federal government does not actually offer grants to small business owners. Rather, the federal government's Small Business Administration (SBA) provides guaranteed loans for which your kennel might qualify.

Finding small business grants in your area

Although your federal options may be limited to SBA loans, there are options available on the state and local level. Start by exploring the website for your state's Economic Development Administration or comparable agency. The U.S. Department of Commerce provides a state-by-state list of these agencies to help get you started (http://www.eda.gov/Resources/StateLinks.xml)

Applying for a grant

Whether you apply for a government grants or loans, be ready to prepare extensive applications. The better you know your kennel's business, the better you will be able to complete the requisite paperwork. First, be sure you have a thoroughly prepared business plan. Financial documentation such as tax returns, operating budgets and bank statements might also be required.