Tattoo parlors are a popular form of business for artists. With pop culture and television taking the stigma away from tattoos, more and more people are getting tattoos than in the past. Individuals who wish to open a tattoo business are eligible for private and federal grant programs to help with startup costs and business expansion.

Federal Grants

Federal grants are available for tattoo parlors. Grants come from the Department of Labor and the Small Business Administration. Grant programs are available for women and minority business owners, low-income area businesses and expanded operations. The grants vary from $1,000 to $300,000. Federal grant programs award funds annually. Applications and deadlines for desired grant programs are available online through the Small Business Administration and the Department of Labor websites.

Private Grants

Private companies and organizations invest in small businesses in their local area. Tattoo parlors are eligible for these grants as well. Private grants come from various organizations, such as religious groups, small-business investment groups and trade organizations. Each organization has its own grant amounts, applications and deadlines. A list of private grants available for tattoo artists is online at the Small Business Grants website.

State Grants

States offer different grant programs through the Chamber of Commerce and Department of Labor for small businesses, including tattoo parlors. Grant programs include grants tailored for a location or business size or for the race and gender of the business owner. Specific requirements, applications and deadlines can be found on the state Department of Labor and Chamber of Commerce websites.

Uses For Grant Money

Grants are used to help the tattoo business grow and expand. The grant programs are used to help hire employees, market the business, open the business and support operations. Each grant helps the company survive and thrive in a local area. The purpose of the grants is to help boost the economy in an area and increase employment, leading to higher tax revenues. Grants help improve local areas by providing opportunities that would not exist otherwise for the local members of the community.