Starting any business requires funding, and government grants for small businesses are a great source. Starting a preschool means two types of grants might be available: small business and education. You can use small business grants to pay for the initial start-up costs. Once the preschool is up and running, you can apply for an education grant to expand curriculum and classroom space. This combination of two types of grants could help you, the entrepreneur, launch a preschool in your area.

Create a business plan. Include estimated costs, profits, programs and any other material that might be required by or important to investors. The Small Business Administration, SBA, offers examples, guidance materials and assistance in preparing a business plan.

Find outside investors. Grant programs can take months or even years to pay out. Outside investment will get the preschool up and running faster. Talk to friends, family, and co-workers about investing in your new preschool venture.

Apply for small business grants. Competition is fierce, so apply for as many as are applicable. Include your business plan with each application. Applications are available online with all deadlines and requirements clearly stated. Sites include and State and federal Small Business Administration home pages also contain grant information.

Apply for state and federal education grants. The grants vary by state and can be used in concert with federal grants to expand preschool education programs. Grants are run through state and federal departments of education. Grants vary in awarded amounts, based on the curriculum and number of students.


Review all grant applications while compiling your business plan. This ensures that all information required is included, preventing delays in receiving funding. Grant applications should tell you the range of possible payouts for the grant.


Grants can take a long time to be approved and paid. So, you must have enough capital for your preschool to survive for at least two years.

You can apply for both federal and state grants, but be prepared that you might not receive all grants for which you apply.