There are government grants available for rehabilitating homes around the country. Recipients can use these grants to pay for costs associated with construction, renovation, improvement and repairs. They also can use the money to acquire land and purchase equipment. Recipients do not have to repay these grants, although they might have to match a percentage of the grant from outside sources.

Housing Preservation Grant Program

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Housing Preservation Grant (HPG) program provides funds to renovate and rehabilitate homes and housing units for very low or low-income residents. Recipients can use the money to make repairs to homes as well as rental properties and co-ops. Grants are authorized only in areas with fewer than 20,000, and they must be used within a two-year period. Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations, tribal state and local government entities.

Housing and Community Facilities Programs National Office U.S. Department of Agriculture Room 5014 South Building 14th Street and Independence Avenue SW Washington, D.C. 20250 202-720-9619

Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Program

Sponsored by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Self Help Homeownership Opportunity program provides grants to low-income homebuyers to acquire land and/or build or rehabilitate housing structures. The potential homebuyers must provide ‘"sweat equity" by volunteering labor during the building phase of their homes. The costs of the home project cannot exceed $15,000, and grant recipients can use up to 20 percent of the funds for administrative costs. Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations and consortiums with experience with the self-help homeownership program.

Danielle Frazier 451 7th Street SW Room 7164 Washington, District of Columbia 20410 202-402-7354

Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants

The U.S. Department of Agriculture finances a program to help farm owners construct, renovate and rehabilitate housing and facilities for their laborers. The Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants program will pay for the costs of the projects to house seasonal and year-long farm workers. Grant recipients also can use the funds to build facilities such as daycare centers, laundromats, dining areas and infirmaries. Only permanent U.S. citizens who make most of their income from farming can occupy the housing units. Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations, nonprofit corporations of farm workers, and state, local and tribal government agencies. Money from outside sources must match 10 percent of the grant amount.

Multi-Family Housing Processing Division Rural Housing Service Department of Agriculture Washington, DC 20250 Telephone: (202) 720-1604