Several programs are available that sponsor grants to cover the costs of renovating barns and other structures on farms in the United States. Grants are used to pay for materials, equipment, land acquisitions and labor costs. These grants do not have to be repaid. Some programs require recipients to cover a percentage of the project costs with funds obtained from other sources.

Emergency Conservation Program

The Emergency Conservation Program is funded by the Department of Agriculture (USDA), which provides grants to farm owners to rehabilitate their land after being hit by hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters. Funds are also used to implement emergency conservation measures to control wind erosion and to save water during severe periods of drought. Agricultural producers are eligible to apply for these grants.

USDA Stop 0513 1400 Independence Ave. SW Washington, DC 20250-0513 202-720-6221

Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants Program

The Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants Program provides financial assistance to fund the construction and renovation of housing units that are occupied by seasonal and year-long farm laborers. Funds from these grants are also used for acquiring land, constructing day care centers, laundromats and other essential facilities such as barns and equipment purchases. However, only U.S.-documented farm laborers are eligible to live in the housing units or use the facilities. Eligible applicants include private and public nonprofit organizations, state, local and tribal government agencies and nonprofit corporations of farm workers.

USDA Rural Development Preservation and Direct Loan Division 1400 Independence Ave. SW Mail Stop 0782 Washington, DC 20250–0781 202-720-1604

Federal Assistance to Individuals and Households

The Department of Homeland Security sponsors a program that provides financial assistance to individuals and households affected by presidentially declared disaster or emergency. Funds from this program are used to address property damage, medical, dental and funeral costs and other needs and expenses. All monies not used by the recipient are required to be returned to the program. Recipients are eligible to receive funds from this program if other forms of disaster assistance aren’t available and their insurance doesn’t cover specified damages.

Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 245 Murray Lane, Bldg. #410 Washington, DC 20523 202-646-3943