Whether your interest in sewing is educational, charitable or business-related, many organizations offer grants to help fund your sewing efforts. Groups with an interest in the art of sewing offer grants to those who wish to pursue their craft and improve their communities. Each grant has different requirements, and not every applicant is approved for a grant. Be sure to read the requirements for each grant application carefully.

American Quilt Study Group

The American Quilt Study Group offers a grant for individuals or groups engaged in quilt sewing and quilt research. The scope of the research can include quilt-sewing techniques, production of quilt fabrics and interviews with quilt-makers. The criteria for the grant application include how the research project will affect the world of quilting, the level of knowledge the project will contribute to the art of quilt sewing, and how closely the project reflects the mission of the AQSG.

National Quilting Association

The National Quilting Association offers grants to organizations, groups and individuals with projects that provide outreach and education to their local communities through the art of sewing quilts. Applicants can use the grant funds to purchase quilting and sewing supplies to sew quilts as class projects. However, the funds can't be used to purchase sewing materials for their own personal use. The NQA determines the amount of each grant based on the proceeds from its fundraising operations, including the Little Quilt Auction at the group's annual quilt show.

Idea Cafe

IdeaCafe is an online resource that offers small business grants to qualifying entrepreneurs, including those who are involved in sewing. Members of the IdeaCafe site vote on business proposals presented on the site and award grants to the top vote-getters. Grant winners receive a $1,000 prize, while the second-place and third-place entrants each receive $500 in advertising credits. Suzanne Griffiths, owner of a craft and embroidery business named Suzy-Q's, reached the semi-finals in 2010.

Community Groups

Community groups such as local development initiatives and civic clubs also offer grants for sewing-related efforts. For example, the North Carolina Community Development Initiative gave a grant to a commercial sewing business and workforce development program called Block by Block Industries. Also, the Sew Thankful Quilters of Avon, Connecticut, received a $500 donation from its local VFW post in June 2014. This sewing group makes quilts for wounded veterans and works with the national Quilts of Valor organization.