How to Get a Small Business Grant for Music Production. Tap the treasures of foundations and other philanthropies to get a small business grant for music production. Benefactors donate thousands of dollars toward music-related programs. To get money from funding agencies, strategically target groups that make music-designated grants. Search for grant makers who list music production in their funding area.

Target Local Funding Organizations

Contact the nearest community foundation. Ask the foundation to send you a list of all local funding agencies. Some community foundations provide this service free.

Request a sample proposal, a good tool for people who might be new at writing funding plans or who want other ideas. Community foundations generally provide such resources to grant seekers.

Review the funding areas for each of the listed agencies including the community foundation. Find out if grants for music production are given. Research the average amount of these grants.

Learn about the application process for agencies funding music production. Discover if a letter of inquiry is required before submitting a full proposal. Find out about deadlines and granting cycles.

Submit a funding proposal. Contact the grant-making agency to follow-up on the status of the request.

Tap into National Grant Makers

Research on the Internet specifically for music production grants. Find out what regional and national organizations fund music production programs. Learn about the application process.

Study the granting guidelines to be clear about deadlines, funding cycles and other pertinent information. Contact the agency with any questions or concerns.

Ask about matching grants. Some national agencies give grants based on the recipient's ability to leverage local funds. Submit an application.


Visit a library or nonprofit resource center for additional grant-related tools. Inquire about reporting requirements after getting a grant for music production. Reports outline a grant's usefulness and may be a catalyst for future funds.


Don't submit a grant request to an agency that doesn't fund music production. Philanthropies operate under specific guidelines and rarely make grants for things they don't fund.