Projects that raise funds for the elderly are not only a great way for families, friends and the community to give back to their elders, but is also a great opportunity for the elderly to socialize and to receive extra funds that can help pay for activities or facilities they could not otherwise afford. Such fundraising activities need not be complex and can be a lot of fun.

Book Sales

Book sales are a way to bring people together to share their love of reading. Used books can be collected from individuals, families, some used books stores, and via advertising through church and civic groups. Local newspapers, radio stations and the local television news may also feature a piece on such a fundraiser. It is important that a centralized storage location and event space is identified early on. Such places could include senior citizen centers, some nursing homes, public libraries, churches or other public buildings. A book sale can be expanded to include CDs and DVDs.


Fairs are another popular activity. All that's necessary is a public location, such as a park or the courtyard of a senior citizen center or nursing home and volunteers to perform, those who play musical instruments, sing, dance or perform magic tricks. Food is also a great element to include. Some local businesses may be equipped and willing to come sell their wares, especially if it means free advertising, providing a portion of the proceeds to the fundraising project. Another option is to have a nursing home or senior citizen center's dietary manager provide simple snacks, like ice cream bars or drinks, slightly above cost to the attendees. The elderly can also sell any handicrafts they have made. Selling tickets to such an event at a nominal rate is another way to make some extra cash.


People love raffles. Local businesses and individual citizens are often happy to donate a small service or prize to such an event, particularly since this is a great opportunity for free advertising. Such donations can include a haircut, a free dinner, spices from a grocery store, movie tickets, items made by the elderly or babysitting for an evening, Have a party when the tickets are drawn, or draw them at a pre-existing special event, such as a fair.


Brunches are a way to raise money for the elderly and give them the opportunity to socialize. They're particularly appropriate for holidays, like Mother's Day and Father's Day. Those with and without families can be given the chance to share a meal and make new friends. Local businesses may donate to assist in providing the materials to make the brunch, don't forget to mention the opportunity for free advertising, and tickets can be sold to cover the cost of any materials with extra leftover.