When a Seventh Day Adventist congregation needs money, there are always two options: asking for donations through offerings or holding a fundraising project. The latter is almost always the most ideal option because it can lead to idea generation, foster teamwork and be fun, motivating more people to get involved in ministry.

Yard Sales

Fundraisers, such as yard sales, that make use of pre-owned items are very convenient and practical because the community doesn't have to shell out money to buy things to sell. Yard sales are also a good choice because every member of the local Seventh Day Adventist congregation can participate by donating a few used items that they do not need anymore, like old shoes, clothes or even appliances.


Just like yard sales, recycling items to raise money is a no-cost, revenue generating solution. Besides collecting and recycling the usual suspects, such as aluminum, bottles and cans for cash, Seventh Day Adventist churches can also recycle bigger ticket items such as cars and electronics. One big money maker for churches is cell phone recycling. According to better-fundraising-ideas.com, the market for cell phone recycling is massive and loads of organizations are already gathering cellular phones as a component of their fundraising programs.

Bake Sales

You can't go wrong with a bake sale. As a Seventh Day Adventist church activity, a bake sale is something in which the culinary arts graduates and even the stay-at-home moms in a congregation can participate. It's also an opportunity for the community to unite and share their recipes and baking skills.

Picture Day

Having a church picture day is a viable fundraising idea because some people love having their pictures taken, particularly with a bunch of friends or community members. It can also be low-cost because, according to Fundraiser Help, some companies will give the church a big share of funds generated from such an event and also provide fun and creative costumes for people to wear.