Selling things is one of the easiest ways to raise money for a fundraiser. There's hardly any expense so most of the money is profit. You only need to figure out what you are going to sell. It still requires work and you can't run the show by yourself, so make sure you have many volunteers. Also, the more donations you get the better off your fundraiser will be.

Set up a committee. Draft people if you have to, but you may be surprised that some people actually volunteer.

Assign a person or group of people to the task of collecting donations. If your fundraiser is for a school or church, you can turn to the people who have their children in school or the church community. If you are fundraising for other charities, then you can contact businesses and people who may be interested in making a donation.

Decide on whether you will auction off the items or hold a raffle. If you decide on an auction, it can be a silent auction or an auction where people bid aloud for the items. A silent auction is where people walk around and put bids in on the items and check back to see if someone else out bid them. They will then decide to bid again or not.

Provide refreshments for the auction or raffle. You can make a committee to donate or collect donations for soda, punch, cookies, pretzels and potato chips. They may even get baked goods like donuts, cupcakes or cookies.

Send invitations to the auction. If it is to be a silent auction, make sure you include the time it starts and how long the bidding will last. For example, start the auction at 7 PM, continue the until 8:30 PM and announce te winners at 9 PM. You need a little time to figure out the winners so that is why you need the time in between the end of the bidding before announcing the winners.

Combine your auction with a 50-50 raffle. Sell tickets the night of the auction. People have brought money to spend on things for the fundraiser. Give them something else to buy to help their charity and offer them the opportunity to win some money also.


Other things you can sell for a fundraiser include having a bake sale or rummage sale or selling candy bars. The principle is the same. You don't have to spend to make money.