Whether it is for a full-time missionary, a short-term overseas mission trip or an established inner-city church, writing a donation letter for your ministry can be an overwhelming job. Raising necessary funds is not always a favorite task, but a clear and direct letter will communicate your need to the heart of potential donors. Learn the steps in how to write a donation letter for your ministry for an upcoming event or to simply to keep the organization afloat.

Write the date along with the recipient’s address on the top left corner of the letter. Begin the letter with “Dear _.”

Begin the opening paragraph with the name and description of your ministry and the reason you are writing the letter. Describe the effort that the ministry is making in its area of emphasis, and how donations are helping people in need. Include photos of people or projects that the ministry is helping.

Make the appeal for your ministry in the second paragraph of your letter. Explain that contributions have helped this ministry before and that funds are still necessary to continue your work. Describe your personal experiences with the ministry; for example, mention a person to whom you have reached out, or a building you helped construct.

Ask specifically for a donation in the third paragraph, whether it is material or monetary. Explain how the donor can contribute, for instance, by sending in a check or donating online. Request donations in a range, such as $25, $50 or $100, or whatever amount is applicable for your ministry. Include a deadline for making donations.

Close the letter by thanking the recipient for their time and generosity. Sign the letter and include your contact information and ministry name at the bottom.