The possibilities to raise money for the poor are virtually endless. Many fundraising ideas are low cost and do not require much in the way of resources. The main ingredients are talent for organization, networking and the willingness to help a good cause. Enlist your family and friends to help out with spreading the word and making a success of your fundraising efforts.

Organize a massive garage sale. See if a church, school or business in your community would host the event in its cafeteria or parking lot. Advertise widely in the newspaper, in online classified ads, through online social networks and in local businesses with flyers. Donate the proceeds from the sale to a charity helping the poor.

Make dinner for members of your community. Charge a fee per plate of food. Have some extra fund raising activities going on at the dinner, too, such as charging a dollar to guess how many items are in a jar or auctioning donated products or services by businesses. Ask churches or schools with large cafeterias if they would be willing to host the event. You may also be able to hold the event in a public place like a park, but check with local government authorities for any necessary permits.

Cook a simple meal, such as spaghetti with salad and bread, or opt for another sort of pasta dish that is inexpensive and easier to prepare in bulk than other types of food. It will be necessary to enlist some volunteers to help out.

Approach local small businesses to donate part of their profits during a set period of time to a charity supporting the poor.

Spread the word via your Twitter account about the specific organization you support. Follow others on Twitter interested in your cause to build relationships. Use other social networks to encourage donations to a charity assisting the poor.

Encourage friends, family and acquaintances to sell one item online or in a garage sale to donate funds to the poor. Set up a PayPal or bank account where they can send the money. An alternative to collecting the money yourself is to have people send their donations directly to a charity helping the poor.