What Is a Sponsorship Letter?

by Laura Gittins - Updated September 26, 2017
Sponsorship letters are essential to defraying costs.

A sponsorship letter is a personalized letter that is sent by a team or event organizer to people or businesses usually requesting money or some other goods or services in exchange for some form of promotion for said companies. The promotion may include the company's name, logo or products being advertised at the event. Sponsorship letters include reasons why the company would benefit from sponsoring the team or event and sometimes include different levels or amounts of sponsorships.

Reasons for Sponsorship

Teams that request sponsorships usually request donations that help toward purchasing new equipment or covering travel costs. Sponsorship requests for events help establish credibility as well as broaden the opportunities the event organizers have. The underlying reason for requesting sponsorship for any reason is that the costs associated with the event or team may be higher than the budget allotted, and the requester is looking for assistance.

Sponsoring Teams

Sponsorship letters mostly appeal to businesses that have a connection to the team being sponsored. Advertising may include the company's logo being placed on the team uniforms or equipment, individual awards or trophies that include the company's name, or, in some cases, exclusive selling rights of the company's products on behalf of the team. A sponsorship letter may result in the company asking for any or all of these things.

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Sponsoring Events

Getting sponsors for events involves appealing to the interests of the business being solicited and is often a high priority among event organizers. A sponsorship letter includes the date and reason for the event and clearly demonstrates the benefits a business would enjoy by being a sponsor, such as exposure. Businesses with a similar target audience that the event is appealing to are commonly solicited with sponsorship letters.

Included Elements

Sponsorship letters should always include an specifics of an itinerary for events or details of what is hoped to be accomplished for teams. They do not ask for "gifts" or "money", but instead simply request "donations". The letter also includes a personalized greeting if the name of the recipient is known, important dates, associated costs and the role of the person sending the letter. It ends with thanking the recipient for her time.


Sponsorship letters do not always see a return. Hard work goes into creating the letter and getting it into the hands of the right people and businesses, but those recipients may not have the resources or see the worth in sponsoring the team or event. Sponsorship letters are only a part of a fund-raising process when donations are needed for teams or events.

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