How to Sponsor Events as a Non-Profit. Non-profit organizations (NPO) can sponsor an event in two ways. They can either sponsor or take part in an existing community event or they can host their own event to promote their cause. NPOs must, however, follow some general guidelines that vary from state to state. Get some general advice about sponsoring an event as a non-profit organization.

Do some background research. As a non-profit organization, you want to be very careful which company, organization or event you want to be associated with. Check into what the desired event stands for and find out information about the organization holding the event. Your overall reputation and standing in your community can be improved or destroyed based on your alliances with either trustworthy or untrustworthy organizations.

Contact the organization you would like to sponsor to let them know your intentions. Find out what sponsorship packages are available and which one works best for your non-profit.

Search your local Chamber of Commerce if you don't have a specific event in mind to sponsor and are looking for options. They may be able to guide you to some events. An Internet of sponsorship programs or sponsor opportunities may also yield results you can sift through to find one that matches what your non-profit stands for.

Decide on the type of sponsorship you would like to do. Maybe your organization is happy to simply have your name in the program, or perhaps your NGO wants a more hands-on sponsorship with more activities and involvement.

Take into account how much time, energy and money your staff and volunteers want to host your own event. Smaller NPOs may want to stick to smaller events they can easily manage, like a party or tournament where they can just invite people, host the event and then thank attendees. Larger NPOs may have more resources to devote to large event, like a 5K race across the city or a charity ball.

Get the necessary paperwork required in order to sponsor the event. Different cities have different guidelines. Some cities or states require a special non-profit permit where proof of non-profit status is required. The time it takes to get this paperwork varies, and you may need to submit crucial documents like tax forms, incorporation and other paperwork.


Your organization can also do charity work as an event, like Sponsor a Highway cleanups or tutoring kids at a local school. Find an activity that dovetails with the groups' overall goals and interests.