Many charities, schools and individuals rely on financial help from corporate sponsors to enable them to progress. Writing a sponsorship application letter can be a difficult task, and knowing what information to include can be confusing. Letters should be kept polite and concise, and along with the following tips, you can create a professional application letter for potential sponsors.


Research possible companies and individuals that may offer sponsorship. Make sure you look at companies related to your cause as they will be more likely to help you..

Find the name of the person or department who should receive your letter. This will not only show that you have made extra effort to find the information, but also should get your letter handled more efficiently.

Put your name or company's name in bold letters at the head of your letter. Provide your address underneath this header so the sponsor has a reply address. The letter should appear as professional as possible.

Start your letter by addressing it to the appropriate person, then provide information about your company and what it does. Include any events that you may be holding, or have previously held, detailing any special guests, publicity or funds raised.

Explain what it is that you are doing, and politely request the sponsorship. Give as much detail regarding how much you need as possible, or any other options offered. For example, if you are holding an event, different levels of sponsorship would receive varying benefits or publicity at the event, and these options can be offered.

End your application by thanking the potential sponsor, and hand-sign the letter. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope, making it as easy as possible for the company to reply to your request.


If you have a brochure offering more information about your company, include that with the letter.