A liquor sponsor can help greatly decrease the expenses of your event. Liquor sponsors can be attained for various types of events, including concerts and corporate parties. However, getting a liquor sponsor is certainly no easy task. Follow several steps to attract potential sponsors. In addition to approaching potential sponsors, you will also have to follow up, perhaps multiple times, to get the attention of the businesses you approach.

Figure out how much promotion you can give the company that becomes the liquor sponsor for your event. For example, you can hang banners and advertisements for the company or pass out promotional materials. The more promotion you can offer, the better.

Create a signature drink to name after your sponsor. For example, if the XYZ company were your liquor sponsor, you would have a signature drink with the company name in it.

Write a sponsorship letter to use to approach potential sponsors. The letter should explain what type of event you’re hosting and what you can offer the liquor sponsor in terms of promotion and advertising at the event. Don’t forget to mention the signature drink you created.

Send out the sponsorship letters to companies that might be interested in becoming your liquor sponsor. The people attending your event should be an appropriate target audience for the company so that the free promotion and advertising that you’re offering looks more attractive

Follow up with the companies you send the letter to. Call them up and ask if they received the letter and if they’re interested. Ask what you can do to make the offer for advertising and promotion more appealing. The company could have an idea that you haven’t thought of.

Continue to follow up with each company until you receive a firm answer for whether or not they would like to be the liquor sponsor for your event.