It’s not easy to land a job at a beverage company. These companies are often gigantic and get hundreds of applications tailored to each specific position. This is why you need your beer sales cover letter or beverage company letter of intent to really stand out among the masses. Whether there’s an official job opening on a large beverage company's website, or you’re simply inquiring about a potential job at a small, local brewery, this cover letter template will help you nail the application process.

Include Your Contact Information

Forgetting to include contact information is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in an application letter to a beverage company. If they can’t contact you, human resources might as well throw your application in the trash. Include your name, address, phone number and email address in the upper right corner of your beverage or beer sales cover letter.

Address the Recipient

Below your address and information, write the name, company and address for the recipient. This should be aligned to the left and followed by the date. For example, if you’re sending an international beer sales cover letter to Heineken’s corporate office, you’ll want to address it like this:

[Name of human resources representative]
Heineken N.V. Global Corporate Affairs
PO Box 28
1000 AA Amsterdam

Follow this information with the date. Remember: Beverage companies get so many applicants that they need to be able to easily keep track of who applied when.

Add the Subject Line

HR directors should be able to tell the purpose of your letter within 30 seconds. This is why you need to include a subject line. It's particularly important if you’re inquiring about a job that isn’t actually posted because they have no frame of reference.

Put the subject line below the date. It should read something like “Subject: Application for regional sales position” or “Subject: Application for brewery management position.”

Include a Salutation

Your cover letter template should include a salutation like most other letters you would write. You can use “Dear Sir or Madam” if you’re not sure of the person's name, but it’s always more impressive to include an actual name with your beverage or beer sales cover letter.

Use a Personalized Introduction

The first body paragraph in your letter of intent or application letter to a beverage company should include a personalized introduction. Tell them your name, the position in which you’re interested and how many years of experience you have. Keep it short and sweet.

Content for an Application Letter to a Beverage Company

The second paragraph is where you should dive into your experience in the beverage industry. Have you helped a brewery grow its online presence by thousands of followers? Did you land a really large sales contract with a grocery store or restaurant? Let your potential employers know why you’re an asset.

In your body paragraphs where you’re describing your talents and skills, you want to mimic whatever qualities are outlined in the specific job posting. For example, if a company is looking for a salesperson who can manage a wide variety of clients, your application letter to that beverage company should include an example of how you've managed multiple clients at once.

If there is no job posting, think about what you would want in a beer sales representative or a brewery manager, for example, and make sure you mention your expertise in that regard. Make it clear why you’re interested in their specific company versus any other beverage company.

Call to Action and Conclusion

Use your final paragraph to encourage action from your potential employer. For example, encourage them to reach out and discuss the position. Thank them for their time before signing off.

End With Your Signature

Your letter should end with a professional closing like “sincerely” or “regards.” Follow that with your signature above your printed name.