Getting sponsored as a pro bass angler is an important step in establishing your reputation and career as a professional fisherman. Getting corporate sponsorship is also a great way to get paid to fish full-time instead of having to rely on tournament prize money winnings. There are a lot of sponsors for pro bass anglers who compete frequently in fishing tournaments. Getting a company to sponsor you as a fisherman will require an impressive resume and a little legwork.

Research potential sponsors. Make a list of companies that make, or are associated with, fishing accessories. Watch fishing tournaments and note which companies are frequent sponsors. Though a bit unconventional, you might even include some companies that are not associated with fishing but who are nevertheless common sponsors.

Create a sponsorship request package. This is like your portfolio and you should treat it like a PR packet. Include your resume, highlighting fishing tournaments you have participated in and how you placed. Include your favorite picture of you and a big catch.

Compose the sponsorship letter. You will include this as a cover letter for your PR package. In the first section, introduce yourself and offer some information regarding your background as a bass angler. Then, make your pitch outlining why the company you are contacting should sponsor you. What you are selling is yourself and a company is only going to be interested in buying if you offer them a reason why you are a good investment. Tell them about fishing tournaments you have been in and ones coming up that you will be competing in. Offer them benefits. If you are writing to a bait sales operation, for example, offer to give out their bait at fishing expos and even to run a booth for them at events. Offer to wear a jersey or jacket with their logo and name on it. Moreover, fishing sponsors want a sponsored fisherman who can act as a consultant to their company and analyze their products from the perspective of a professional consumer. Assure the company that their sponsorship will ensure publicity and advertisement for them.