A gift auction can potentially raise thousands of dollars for a significant cause. Items that will raise the most money are big ticket items that can be won for a great deal, such as a travel voucher. To receive a travel voucher donation, you will need to convince a travel company that your cause is worthy or that the company will receive plenty of exposure and recognition for its good deed.

Make a list of various travel companies to contact.

Call the companies on your list and ask for the name, title, phone number and business address of the person or department in charge of charitable giving.

Write a brief letter with a description of your organization, a summary of your event, how many people will be attending, how much money has been raised at previous actions (if applicable) and how the money will be used. At the end of the letter, ask if the company would be interested in participating in your auction by donating a travel voucher. Be sure to outline all the ways the company will gain exposure, such as a listing in the auction catalog and brochures on the gift tables.

Send a copy of your letter to all the companies on your list.

Call each company about a week after sending the letter to follow up. Don't get discouraged when companies say no --- it's bound to happen. Be persistent in your efforts until you have secured a donor.


Don't just ask large travel companies for a donation. Small businesses rely heavily on word-of-mouth advertising, and an auction donation is a great way for them to gain exposure among potential customers.