Contest winners often receive letters notifying them of their prizes. A contest winner letter is created by an organization that gives away prizes. Many companies give away free goods and services, while others offer cash prizes, vacations or cars. A letter is written to the prize winner notifying her of the prize won, the organization giving it and several details of the award.

Address the letter. A contest winner letter serves several purposes. The first is to notify the winner and the second is to promote the organization giving away the prize. Address the letter personally if you are giving only a few prizes. If you are giving away hundreds of prizes, address it more generally, stating “Dear Prize Winners.”

Announce a winner. Begin the letter by announcing that the recipient won a prize. State the organization’s name giving the prize and the name of the contest, if applicable.

Announce the prize. Congratulate the winner and announce the specific prize won. Offer details about the prize and what is included. If the prize is a vacation, tell the winner what details are included, the number of guests, the location and length of the trip.

Ask for correspondence. Sometimes prize winners are required to correspond with the organization. The organization may ask the winner to call a number, send an email or letter. Other times, the organization handles this step and informs the winner what to expect. In this case, the letter should tell the winner the organization will be contacting him soon to finalize the details.

Sign the letter. A contest winner letter is generally signed by the manager or owner of the organization. The owner signs it “Yours Truly” or “Sincerely” followed by name and title.

Include contact information such as a phone number, website or email address on the letter. Prize winners who have questions can contact you for the information.