If you're trying to solicit donations for a charity, one of the best ways is to send out a fundraising letter. While it can be hard to distinguish your organization from all the others, a well-written letter can succeed in getting people to donate to your cause.

1. Step 1

Get the details right. It may seem obvious, but you want your letter to have all the correct information, including the date and recipient's address. Make sure it's clear what organization you are soliciting on behalf of, and include any contact information, such as address, phone number and web address.

2. Step 2

Tell a story. The best appeals are personal anecdotes. In the main section of the letter, connect to the reader by recounting a specific person who has been helped by the organization. That puts a face on the charity and engages the reader.

3. Step 3

State what you need. The main thing that readers of your letter will want to know is what exactly the charity is seeking. Specify if you are seeking monetary donations or something else, such as clothes, food or time from volunteers. Tell how the person's donation would be used in a practical way.

4. Step 4

Show gratitude. Express thanks for the reader's time and any potential donations. If the person has donated in the past, make sure to write about how much the support was appreciated.