People donate to charities for many reasons. Sometimes they give because of a personal experience they've had with the organization or because they want to make a difference in the world. At other times, they want to take a stand on an issue and spread the word to family and friends. Getting people to donate -- especially during tough economic times -- can be difficult. Creating a donation flier can help promote your cause, especially if you incorporate language that's clean, crisp and to the point.

1. Step 1

Create an 8-1/2-by-11-inch document in a design program or word-processing program.

2. Step 2

Use fonts that are large and readable. Write a headline such as "Donate Now," "Donations Needed" or "Donate Today" at the top.

3. Step 3

Include a brief statement of what your organization does. For example, if you provide clothing, you might write, "More than 200,000 people clothed since 1998." Keep your statement short and to the point.

4. Step 4

Write a brief summary of the type of donations your organization accepts. For example, if you're collecting food for the homeless, let the public know whether you only accept canned goods or you'll take other nonperishable items as well. List any prohibited items. For instance, your organization might only accept kosher or vegetarian food.

5. Step 5

Include a prominent photo of your organization helping those in need, along with your organization's logo and contact information. List its street address, phone number, email address and website address.

6. Step 6

Give your flier a brightly colored background or use colored fonts to make it stand out. Print copies on your printer or print them at a copy shop, where you might be able to get a bulk discount.


Ask a friend or colleague to proofread your flier before you print it.

Things You Will Need
  • Design program or word-processing program

  • Photos of your organization

  • Organization logo

  • Printer paper