Charitable organizations are most often run almost entirely on donations received through community outreach and corporate and private sponsorship. Requesting monetary donations is not the only way for an organization to gain support; product donations can be used as raffle prizes at charitable events, auctioned off, or even used directly by the organization. Many companies find donating products, known as in-kind donations, to be an easy and fiscally accessible way to get involved without pulling out the corporate checkbook.

1. Step 1

Draft a donation request letter stating your organization's mission, what type of product you are seeking, how the product will be used to benefit the organization and what the company stands to gain by donating. Include any pertinent event details as well as contact information for your organization's donation coordinator.

2. Step 2

Address the letter to the company and print out copies. Deliver the letters in person. The person delivering the letters should be dressed professionally and be knowledgeable about the organization.

3. Step 3

Write a personalized thank you letter to all companies that donate. Mention the type of donation received and how the product assisted your organization. Send the thank you letter to the company promptly after receipt of the product.