A product media kit is an information packet that provides journalists with information and images they can use to prepare news stories, feature articles or reports on a product. Providing an effective media kit improves the coverage of a company's products and is an important element in a public relations program. Creating and distributing media kits is the responsibility of a public relations executive, press officer or product manager, depending on a company’s organization structure. Companies also appoint public relations consultants to prepare media kits.

Write a press release to announce the launch of a new product or the release of an upgrade or redesign of an existing product. Other newsworthy topics include the achievement of a quality award or other industry recognition. Build a story around approval of the product by a high-profile customer if applicable. Provide photographs, video clips or other images to illustrate the press release. Suitable images include photographs of the product or product team and photographs of the product in use. Prepare captions to identify images.

Include detailed product information to give journalists an accurate understanding of the product. Describe the function of the product and explain how customers use it. List the most important features of the product and the benefits it offers over competitive products. Include details of any important standards that the product meets. Provide copies of existing media coverage of the product, including articles in newspapers and trade journals. Supply recordings of broadcast interviews or presentations featuring members of the product team.

Prepare a document that gives information on the company. Include information on the length of time the company has been in businesses, the market sectors it serves and the company’s status in the industry. Include names of important customers after asking permission to use their names. Provide names and contact details for key personnel associated with the product, such as product managers, product development specialists, technical managers and marketing managers. Contact details help journalists arrange interviews for further information.

Produce printed copies of the documents and images in the media kit for distribution to journalists. Alternatively, create a digital version of the kit and place it in the media relations or news section of your website for download.