Public relations campaigns help companies to manage their reputation among different groups with the potential to influence the success of the business. As companies grow, their actions affect an increasing number of groups, including customers, suppliers, government agencies, investors, community groups and the media. Companies aim to build positive relations with those groups through different types of public relations campaigns.


Product public relations campaigns support the launch and marketing of new products. Companies issue press releases to newspapers, magazines and other media that reach the target market for the product. Companies also contribute feature articles and case studies describing their product in use. Product public relations campaigns concentrate on newsworthy topics such as the launch of a groundbreaking new product, achievement of an industry award or adoption by a high-profile customer.


Financial public relations campaigns aim to build and maintain positive relations with investors, shareholders, financial analysts and journalists, as well as customers and suppliers. Press releases cover quarterly or annual results, major investment programs and key events, such as mergers, acquisitions and customer wins that have significant financial implications. Public relations executives invite journalists to interview senior executives, such as the finance director or chief executive, to discuss the company’s financial prospects. Companies with a large audience in the financial community hold webcasts when they wish to communicate important announcements.


Corporate public relations campaigns overlap financial public relations in some areas. Corporate public relations campaigns aim to build confidence in customers, suppliers and business partners by raising understanding and awareness of a company’s strengths and achievements. Companies issue press releases on topics, such as important management appointments, new product launches, market success and investment programs that increase capacity or efficiency. As well as press releases and feature articles targeting business and financial publications, companies also produce corporate brochures that present strong company profiles.


Employee public relations campaigns play an important role in meeting a company’s recruitment and human resource objectives. Employee campaigns use internal media such as websites, intranets, email, newsletters and events. The aim is to keep employees informed on all aspects of a company’s operations to improve motivation and commitment. Regular communications update employees on policy changes, appointments, organizational changes and sales achievements. For major announcements, such as an acquisition, merger or redundancy program, companies arrange events hosted by senior executives.


Government relations campaigns aim to build a favorable attitude toward a company by government agencies or industry regulators. Government campaigns are important when a company is concerned about the impact of policy or regulatory changes, for example. Companies place opinion pieces in high-profile newspapers read by government officials and communicate directly with influential representatives to present their views. They may also work with a consultancy with experience in lobbying government.