You have so much information at your fingertips, but there are times when you aren’t able to get the information you need about a product through a website. You feel you’d benefit from being able to not only read more information but also have the product in hand to make an assessment of it yourself. This often occurs when a company launches a new product. It’s very common for individuals and businesses, especially in the public relations field, to send request letters to companies to learn more about their products and gather information. Do some research to see how the company handles such requests to ensure your request letter stands out.

Cover the Basics

Remember that it’s important for you to include all the essential information and format your letter in a way the reader is familiar with. Standard business letters should include the sender’s address, the date, a greeting, the body of the letter and a closing. Also make sure that your letter is formatted properly, that it has been checked for spelling and grammar and that the font you are using is readable.

Get to the Point

Whether you are writing a letter you plan to mail or if you are composing an email, you’ll want to keep your letter to a company requesting information about a product brief, clear and polite. State the purpose of the letter. In the opening paragraph, explain to the company that you are interested in a specific product and name the product. Note that you’d like as much information as they are able to provide. You could even offer congratulations on the product and the success the company has found with it so far. Also, don’t forget to let them know about yourself. You can’t assume the individual you are writing to knows who you are and why you might be reaching out to them.

Make the Case for Your Request

In your letter, you’ll tell the reader why you are interested in the product and why you would like to learn more. Present what your plans are and make sure they are clearly stated. Are you considering purchasing the product in bulk for resale? Do you have a platform where you’d like to review the product? Do you see an opportunity for collaboration? Perhaps you have a celebrity client who you’d like to get the product to. By letting the company know up front why you are interested in their product and learning more about it, you’re giving the company reliable reasons why sending products and information to you will be beneficial to their bottom line.

Explain How You Heard About the Company  

Companies use feedback from customers to promote their companies and to improve performance. So when a company learns from a potential customer where they heard about the business, it helps the company know where marketing and advertising activities are working. Plus, the company will be eager to understand how you became familiar with their products before making your request. In your letter, you’ll want to demonstrate that you’ve done your research and that you are familiar with the company and their products.

Wrap It Up

To close your letter, make sure you thank the company for their consideration. Your letter of request for information does not have to be long and complicated. A simple presentation of what you want and why should provide the company you are writing to with enough information to make a decision on whether the product and information can be shared. And before you send the letter, be sure to make a copy for your records. You’ll also want to make a note to yourself to follow up on the letter if you don’t hear back in a timely manner.