A good phone pitch can help your business by increasing sales and building your customer and client base. Before making a call, research the contact or business. When you do call, speak clearly and make sure no outside noises are preventing the individual from hearing you. Distractions can also make it hard for you to concentrate while you make your pitch. Practice before calling a customer, as this can help you polish your message and technique before you contact potential clients.

Develop a Phone Script

If you get nervous before picking up the phone, consider developing a phone script. Think about your goals for calling a potential customer or client. As you prepare your script, be clear about your purpose. For example, determine whether you are making this call to develop a business relationship or to make a sale. Personalize each call based on the company you're calling and your goals. If you are calling a retailer, you should know about the products sold in his shop and be ready to explain how your business can assist him.

Introduce Your Company

When you pick up the phone, start by introducing your company. You can say, "Good Morning, Mr. Smith, my name is Nancy Brown and I provide services that will help your business increase profits." This introduction is professional and also informs the caller why you are calling. Since it is better to have a dialogue than to barrage the potential client with information, wait for the caller to respond to your introduction.

Explain the Purpose of Your Call

You should thank the caller for taking time to talk with you. After you have the caller's attention, discuss the purpose of your call. Provide pertinent details about your company's products and services. Briefly explain how your services will help the individual or company. Offer facts and figures about your business to back up your assertions, and take time to answer any questions the caller may have about your company.

Request a Meeting

Before you hang up, request a follow-up meeting with the caller. Although a face-to-face meeting is ideal, a follow-up call is a positive result. Both offer an opportunity to provide more specifics about your products and services through a more in-depth presentation, and it gives you time to develop a personal strategy that can benefit the caller's business. Since you are requesting a meeting, let the caller decide on the best time, date and location.