Sometimes, a product or service outshines all your expectations. Whether it’s the quality of the product or the customer service you received from an associate, something about the experience is truly satisfying.

When that happens, you can write a customer satisfaction letter to the company to show your appreciation. This kind of feedback is greatly valued by organizations. Research the company to obtain its contact information. It may have a specific email or postal address for customer inquiries that you can contact.

Tell Them Why You’re Satisfied

Your customer satisfaction letter should be written in block style, with the content aligned to the left side of the page. Use single spaces in your text plus a double space between paragraphs. If you have a contact name for the business owner or customer service manager, you can address the letter to that person. Otherwise, it’s acceptable to write “To customer service at XYZ Inc.” or “Dear XYZ Inc.”

In the first paragraph of your letter, tell the business why you’re writing. Let them know you’re really happy with the product or service you recently purchased. Provide specifics about the name of the product or service so the company knows which offering you’re talking about.

Highlight the Specifics

If you encountered a sales associate, mention her name in your customer satisfaction letter for service so the company knows which employees helped you have an excellent experience. Mention details of the actual service, such as the ways the associate assisted you. For example, did she answer your questions with compassion, or did she follow up with important details you required?

Write about what aspects of the product or service you like so much. Is it the quality of the materials, the colors of the packaging or the functionality of the gadget? Be sure to highlight precise benefits of the product or service that you weren’t expecting but were pleased to find.

Explain How They Compare

Your letter should include any information you can provide on how the product or service compares to others you’ve tried. For example, if you’ve visited a competitor but didn’t find the selection as wide as this one, mention that in your letter. This kind of insight is valuable to organizations because it helps them to further improve products and services for customers like you.

Offer Your Support

In the last paragraph of your letter, tell the company your plans to recommend the product to your family, friends and colleagues. Leaving a positive business review online is also a way to show support for a company. If this is something you plan on doing, let them know. Finally, thank them for their product or service that has improved your life.

Customer Satisfaction Letter to a Company

Dear Beck’s Bakery,

I wanted to reach out and let you know that I am so pleased with my first visit to your new store. My family and I recently purchased freshly made olive focaccia, cinnamon rolls and a carrot cake from you, and everything was truly delicious. We were all so happy.

Your associate Helene helped us pick out the goodies at your store. She was very friendly and made some great suggestions. We didn’t come in planning to buy a cake, but she convinced us, and we’re glad she did!

Out of all the local bakeries we’ve visited, your cinnamon rolls are the freshest we’ve had. The selection of artisanal breads is also amazing at your location. The other bakeries we visited only had two or three varieties. Your prices were also the most reasonable that we’ve found.

I’ll be recommending your bakery to my friends, and I have already posted a glowing review on Google. Thanks for your great work! We’ll definitely be visiting again.


Joanne Robertson