A glowing reference letter can help a domestic worker or housekeeper land a new job. If you’ve worked with an employee in the past who exceeded your expectations and completed all her duties to the best of her ability, consider providing her with a housekeeper reference letter she can use to obtain new employment.

Provide Details on Your Experience with the Employee

Use formal business letter writing etiquette when writing your reference. Your housekeeper reference letter should be written in block style with all content aligned to the left side of the page. Single space your housekeeper reference letter and include a double space between paragraphs. If you don’t know the name of the person you’re writing to, begin your letter with a formal salutation, such as “To whom it may concern.”

In the first paragraph of your letter, state your relationship to the employee. This information helps the reader understand why you’re qualified to provide a reference. Write your name, position and how long you’ve known the housekeeper. For example, “My name is Blake Jefferson and I am the owner and manager of Jefferson Housekeeping Services. Anne Smith was employed at my company for three years as a housekeeper.”

Write About Their Duties

In your next paragraph of your letter of recommendation for a housekeeper, state the duties your employee was in charge of. This helps the new potential employer understand what capabilities, experience and skills the housekeeper has.

Provide details about their tasks, such as liaising directly with customers, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms or doing laundry and taking out the garbage. Be specific about the duties the housekeeper completed, instead of generalizing and saying they “cleaned the house.”

Offer Performance Information

Throughout the letter, provide details on the housekeeper’s performance. Show examples of their character traits. For example, were they honest, dedicated and industrious? What was the quality of their work like?

A sample letter of recommendation for a domestic worker might say, “Laura was an exemplary employee. Her work was always completed beyond my expectations. She never left a place without ensuring it would meet my high standards. I was always beyond pleased with her work.”

Answer Any Questions

Close your letter by offering to provide additional details and answer any questions the potential employer may have. Give your contact information so that they can easily reach you. A willingness to discuss the employee further shows your support for them.

House Cleaner Reference Letter Example

To whom it may concern,

My name is Shirley Jones and I own Collingwood Housekeepers. Jan Carlton has worked as a housekeeper for me for five years since 2014. She is a dedicated and industrious employee who has always gone above and beyond our expectations.

Jan specializes in our residential accounts and has a great track record with clients. She diligently cleans each element of the home so that it looks sparkling new. She is also an expedient worker who finishes tasks well ahead of time. Our clients have provided great feedback on the quality of Jan’s work.

Some of her duties include cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, vacuuming, dusting, laundry and changing bed sheets. Jan is also always willing to take on additional duties such as washing dishes or organizing closets for clients.

While I will be very sorry to lose Jan when she moves with her family this year, I know she will be an asset to any company she joins. She is a people person and has great initiative and leadership qualities. I feel lucky to have worked with her for so many years.

If you have any questions about Jan’s experience or performance, I’d be happy to speak with you further. You can reach me at 555-5555.


Shirley Jones

Owner, Collingwood Housekeepers