How to Write an Accommodation Reference Letter

by Angela Campbell; Updated September 26, 2017
People with disabilities can request accommodation through an employer or landlord by citing the American Disability Act.

Certain individuals, if they have a disability or they are a student or scholar traveling abroad, will be required to write a letter of request for accommodation. To accompany their letters of request — or upon request from the receiver — they might also wish to send letters of reference, to indicate they are worthy of the accommodation. A reference letter for accommodation should be approached like any other letter of reference. A person should only agree to write a letter of reference if he has only positive words to write about the subject.

Step 1

Address and date the letter using your personal letterhead. Follow the form of a standard business letter. Put your address, add a paragraph space, type the date, add a paragraph space, and then type the address of the recipient.

Step 2

Insert two paragraph spaces and begin your letter with the words, “To Whom It May Concern,” followed by a colon and paragraph space.

Step 3

Type an opening statement that tells the reader why you are writing the letter. For example: “Please accept this letter as a reference for John Smith, who has requested accommodation.”

Step 4

Add your personal reference in the following sentences. State how you know the individual and why you would recommend he receive accommodation. If you have experience offering the individual accommodation, share that information. Be positive and truthful.

Step 5

End the letter with a closing paragraph that provides your personal contact information. Type “Sincerely,” include four paragraph spaces, and type your name. Sign the letter, make a copy for your records and mail it.

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