The death of an employee is never an easy thing and in most cases completely unexpected. Inform your other employees of the death in a memo to start the healing process and get back to business as usual. Keep the memo brief and to the point and avoid any wording or statements that do not show compassion and respect to the deceased person.

What to Include in the Memo

State what happened to the deceased employee, but be brief and take care to use sensitive language. Depending on what caused the death, the memo might state "he died unexpectedly," "he was in a fatal accident," or "she died peacefully in her sleep surrounded by family," if that is the case. Avoid grisly or specific details as co-workers will already be upset by the news. List information regarding a funeral or memorial, including the date, time and location. Conclude the memo by listing any resources the employees can take advantage of to deal with their grief, such as speaking with a grief counselor. Suggest a local counselor or list the days and times a counselor will be made available at the business location.