The workplace can become unbearable when you have a rude co-worker. A fellow worker who makes snide comments about you to others or deliberately impedes your work by monopolizing equipment creates a hostile environment. When a rude co-worker makes it impossible for you to do your job, it is time to contact the human resources department. Prepare what you will say in advance and ready yourself to work with HR to take care of the matter so you can enjoy a peaceful work environment.

Make an appointment to speak confidentially with an HR manager. Do not do this in the heat of the moment but only after careful consideration. You should only make a report if there have been multiple instances of a co-worker's unacceptable behavior.

Prepare to talk with the HR manager by documenting in detail the incidents that interfered with your workplace satisfaction. The more specific you are in terms of dates, times and what was said or done, the better you will be able to explain your dilemma.

Tell the human resources professional how you attempted to remedy the problem yourself. MSN Careers recommends refraining from defensive speech as you present your information in a calm manner. Note the times you spoke directly to your co-worker regarding rude behavior. Perhaps you tried to ease animosity by treating the other employee to lunch to discuss ways to improve your relationship. Make your manager aware that you did all you could do, but the problem remains.

Relate honestly to the manager any mistakes you made that antagonized your fellow staff member. It is likely the manager will speak with your co-worker, so you don't hide information that shows you in a negative light. A successful outcome is more likely if you are completely forthcoming. Also, CNN Living advises you to tell the manager how the difficult relationship hurts the company as a whole.

Offer suggestions as to how the situation might be remedied. For example, you could move your workspace to an area further away from the other employee to lessen the problem. You could also propose working a different shift. Ultimately, depend on the conflict resolution skills of the HR manager to solve the problem.

Take whatever advice or council given by the HR professional. For example, attend meetings she schedules with you and the rude staff member. Listen attentively to the HR manager and the employee. Keep a log of your efforts and the improvement or continuance of the situation and update the HR manager when necessary.


Don’t lose your cool if your fellow employee continues to make rude remarks. Count to 10 before responding or walk away.

Do not threaten to report the co-worker, as this can cause more animosity. Remember to report only significant problems rather than such things as “eye rolls” or “tongue clicks.” Strive to always behave professionally.