Small businesses often mean small quarters for multiple employees. To keep the business running smoothly, it's important to foster a congenial and professional atmosphere. Rude conduct by another employee can spoil the environment. If you are a small business owner, let your employees know the proper way to approach the problem, including reporting rude co-workers to management or human resources. If you are an employee, be sure to familiarize yourself with company policies on dealing with inappropriate behavior.

Concillitory Measures

Think objectively prior to reporting a rude co-worker to you supervisor or an HR representative. Consider whether this associate behaves this way consistently or whether her rude behavior was an isolated incident. Ask yourself whether you are being too sensitive or taking the employee's actions too personally. If it is an ongoing situation that interferes with your work, then you should address it. Attempt first to speak to the employee yourself regarding her behavior. Ask her to sit down with you. Tell her how she makes you feel when she makes rude remarks or gestures. Hopefully, she will agree to alter her behavior. If not, you will likely need management to address the problem.

Company Policy

Review the sections of your company's handbook regarding employee behavior. This information can often help you discern how the company prefers you handle situations involving difficult employee relations. Some businesses prefer that you follow a chain of command, starting with your immediate supervisor. Other businesses prefer all internal disputes between employees be reported and managed by the HR department. No matter what your company's policy is, let the other employee know that if her rude behavior does not cease, you will report her to a higher authority.


Document the actions of the employee who behaves rudely. Write down the date and time of each incident, along with a description of what occurred. For instance, if your co-worker called you an "idiot" on one occasion and made a vulgar gesture to you on another occasion, you should note the two incidents separately and give detailed information regarding the circumstances in which each occurred. Also, note whether anyone else, such an assoicate or customer, witnessed the incidents. Bring your documentation with you when you report the employee.

Honest Recount

When you make a report with a supervisor or HR manager, you must give an honest account of your history with the other party. Don't just describe the other person's actions. Recount your own behaviors as well. For example, if the staff member taunted you regarding your work performance and you got angry and slammed a door, report your loss of temper. Managers and HR professionals understand that you are human and make mistakes as well -- especially if you've been provoked. Also, describe how you attempted to resolve the problem yourself.