You may need a lot of preparation to write a solid reference letter for most people, especially if they lack experience in the position for which they are applying. When a candidate has a wealth of relevant administrative experience, however, the task may become easier because you may pick and choose which aspects of her experience relate most to the new position and sell those aspects to the potential employer. Her experience may speak for itself, but your letter can drive home that she is the best candidate for the job.

Begin the letter by identifying the candidate you are recommending. Then, introduce yourself, explain your qualifications, and state how you know the candidate. For example, you might say "I am writing this letter to recommend Charles Willis for your accounting position. My name is Natalie Jones and I have known Charles for 22 years; He was my supervisor at Madison Investments."

Review the candidate's best qualities, focusing on particular projects or assignments she has worked on. Explain real results, such as costs her plans have saved. If she is going for a job would amount to a major move up,, project her successes to what she could do in the new position.

Provide real examples of her ability to work with others as an administrator and as a team member, if applicable.

Explain what makes this candidate stand out as an administrator or as an employee. Provide real examples of how she has gone above and beyond her duties and accomplished important objectives. The potential employer will want to know what makes her the best candidate, and your description of how she has handled specific situations in a novel or intelligent way may convince the potential employer to interview her.

Make a solid recommendation for the company to hire the person you are referring. Assure them that he is capable of doing the job and that his personality and ability to work with others will make him a good fit. If your candidate is looking for a higher position in administration, reiterate how his current experience has prepared him for the job and that he has outstanding experience in his field. If he is looking for a less stressful job or to make a career change, reiterate the qualities that will make him a good hire.

Provide your telephone number and e-mail in case the person you're sending the letter to wants information. State that you would be pleased to discuss the candidate's qualifications in more detail.