How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Your Boss

by Sarah Dixon; Updated September 26, 2017

Writing letters of recommendation is often assumed to be a task undertaken by a current or former employer or coworker. However, in some cases an employee may be asked to compose a letter of recommendation for his or her boss.

Just like any well written recommendation, it may take a little time and a few rewrites to put together this document, but the rules for formatting and composition are generally the same as other letters of reference.

Step 1

Find out when the letter is due, how many versions are needed, and where it should be mailed.

Step 2

Begin the opening paragraph of the letter by explaining how long you have known your supervisor and in what capacity. You may want to include the position(s) you have held under her or his supervision.

Step 3

Start a new paragraph that will serve as the body of your letter. List and explain the characteristics that have contributed to your boss' success on the job.

Step 4

Give your perspective on why your supervisor would be a strong candidate for their desired position. You may want to start a new paragraph for this. Be sure to provide specific examples from your work history together to support your statements.

Step 5

Close your letter by restating the reason(s) you believe your supervisor is qualified for the job she or he is seeking.

Step 6

Type your first and last name below your closing paragraph, allowing space for your signature between the paragraph and your name. Sign the letter in pen.

Step 7

Run your word processing program's spell check. Print a copy of the letter and proofread it to catch any additional errors.


  • Before writing your letter, find out your company's policy on composing letters of recommendation. Consider sitting down with your supervisor for a short interview to gather information for your letter. Keep your letter of recommendation to one page.

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