In order to make a good impression when writing to the manager at a business, you need to create a clear, concise, professional-looking and sounding document. Business letters are more formal than emails tend to be, and they usually follow specific protocols. The way you format, address and open your letter guides the impression the receiver has of you; therefore, ensure you maintain professional standards so the content of the letter is taken seriously.

List your full mailing address at the top of the page. Format your address as you would on a mailing envelope with the city, state and zip code on the second line following your street number and name. You may also list your telephone number and email address immediately following your address.

Write the date in the line immediately following your address. Write the date out full, for example, March 14, 2011 rather than 3/14/11. The date, along with the remainder of the letter, should be left justified.

Skip four lines after the date and write the address of the manager who will be receiving your letter. This is somewhat different than how you listed your own address. The first line of this section should be the manager’s name to whom your letter is addressed. The next line will be the manager’s exact position with the company, followed by his company name on the third line. Next comes the manager’s mailing address, including city, state and zip code. Do not list his telephone number or email address.

Skip one line and then write your salutation, such as "Dear Ms. Stevens" or "Dear Mr. Jones." The salutation should be followed by a colon.

Write the remainder of your letter.