How to Sign a Letter From Two People

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While the content of a letter is important, using the correct format in a business letter sets a professional tone for the correspondence. A properly formatted letter demonstrates the sender’s professionalism and knowledge of business practices. When there are two signatures on the business letter, senders have a choice for formatting the signature line.

Formatting the Signature Line

The signature block on a business letter contains the name, title and office of the signer. Senders can place two signature blocks on a letter side by side or one below the other. The block begins four or five lines below the close of the letter on the left margin. When formatting the signature blocks side by side, begin the first one on the left margin and the second block in the center of the document. When using the alternative style, begin the first block on the left margin and the second signature block four lines below the first. Each sender signs the letter above his signature block.


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