If you are trying to raise money for a cause, a donation from a celebrity can go a long way. Whether a donation from a celebrity is monetary or in the form of a personal object, this can help to boost the funds of your organization. Celebrities get a lot of donation requests, so it is important to choose a celebrity that is aligned with your cause. You also must make sure to send the letter to the correct place, so that it has a chance to be reviewed by the right people.

1. Step 1

Search for the name and contact information of the celebrity's manager, as he is the person responsible for the business decisions of the celebrity. This information will likely be on the celebrity's website.

2. Step 2

Perform a search online by typing the celebrity's name and "manager" into a search engine, if this information is not on her website. The name and address of the celebrity's manager will appear in the search results.

3. Step 3

Write a cover letter to the manager. Explain the reason you have chosen the celebrity to reach out to for a donation, whether you are hoping for a monetary or object donation, and what you plan to do with the donation.

4. Step 4

Keep the letter brief, at one page or less, as you want to hold the attention of the manager.

5. Step 5

Write a separate letter to the celebrity. Use a formal letter template, referring to her as "Miss or Mrs."

6. Step 6

Provide a brief explanation of your cause, whether you are requesting a monetary or object donation, and the benefits that donating to your cause will have for the celebrity.

7. Step 7

Keep your letter short, one page or less, and make sure the text is easily scannable. Use bullet points wherever you can and keep paragraphs to no more than a few sentences in each paragraph.

8. Step 8

Thank the celebrity for her time and sign the letter.

9. Step 9

Mail the letter to the office of the celebrity's manager.