A person writes a request letter to procure specific information. A request letter should contain the following information: return address, current date, receiver’s name and address, salutation, body of the letter, closing and signature. Write a request letter to ask for a job interview, a raise or promotion, information (such as product information), or to solicit a third party to compose a letter on your behalf.


In a request for a job interview, the writer introduces himself and explains he is writing to make arrangements for an interview. In the request letter, he identifies the specific department and position of interest. The person also mentions referrals by name. The letter briefly relates work experience and background, and the individual schedules a follow-up call in the letter.

Raise or Promotion

With a request for a promotion or raise, the writer immediately provides reasons she feels qualified for a raise or promotion. She may mention accomplishments, years of services and attributes contributed to the company or business. Request letters for raises or promotions exhibit confidence while maintaining respect for the employer at the same time.

Request for Information

It is important to come to the point when requesting information. The writer politely asks for information to be sent and explains his willingness to pay any customary fees. He briefly explains what he needs. For example, if requesting product information, all important details of the product should be included to the best of the writer's ability. The writer thanks the company in advance and should list contact information including phone number, complete address and email address.

Request of Third-Party Letter

Initially in a request for the help of a third party, the writer briefly relates how she is acquainted with the party. The writer indicates the type of letter she needs. For example, the writer may need a letter of recommendation for work or school. The letter should include that information. In third-party request letters, the individual provides as many details as needed, which may provide the framework for the third party's letter. These letters also provide the time frame for which the letter is needed.