How to Address Names on the Envelope

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Whether you are running a business, inviting people to a social event, sending personal letters or just paying your bills, properly addressed envelopes are a key to effective, timely correspondence. If you have ever wondered how to put an address on an envelope, the answers are simple and straightforward.

Write the recipient's full name on the first line in the center of the envelope. If the letter is to a business, write the name of the business on the second line. On the next line, write the street address. Use abbreviations such as St. (for street), Blvd. (for boulevard), Ave. (for avenue), Ln. (for lane) and Apt. (for apartment). Write the city, state and zip code on the last line, using the official two letter abbreviation for the state.

Write your address in the upper left corner of the envelope. Include your full name, street address, city, state and zip code.


Use appropriate titles. Letters are considered a formal means of correspondence, meaning that unless you have other information, individuals should be addressed by title (such as "Mr.," "Ms.," "Mrs.," "Dr.," "Rev.,") and relevant titles or degrees such as "Ph.D.," "CEO" or "J.D." should be included as well.



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