How to Address a Envelope to a Attorney

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Attorneys work extremely hard to obtain a degree in law, therefore, it is imperative that due respect be given when addressing an envelope to them. In personal correspondence, a title is not generally used, but the proper title should be included on business and formal mail being addressed to a lawyer. Whether you are mailing out wedding invitations or sending a business form, display knowledge of proper etiquette by addressing your envelope appropriately.

Attorney at Law

Address the attorney recipient with the prefix Mr. or Ms., depending on gender.

Spell out the first and last name.

Go to the next line and write "Attorney at Law" directly beneath the name.


Put the first and last name of the lawyer on the first line of the addressee space on the envelope.

Do not use the prefix of Mr. or Ms.

Put a comma followed by Esq., which is the abbreviated form of Esquire, after the last name. Esquire is a title reserved for lawyers and is used in business communication to recognize their distinction. However, it is generally considered a breach of etiquette to address an envelope in this way if the purpose of communication is not a business matter.


  • If addressing an envelope to a couple, and only one of the recipients is a lawyer, list that person's name first.


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