The days when businesses ran completely on paper sent by "snail" mail (mail sent through the US Postal Service) are long gone. Today's technology has significantly improved the tedium and repetition of office work, but every so often offices still have to send items the old-fashioned way. Correctly formatting a business letter for mailing is still important knowledge to have in the workplace. Sometimes letters need the added information of an "Attention To" in order for the letter to reach the correct person or position.

Place the name on the first line of the address followed by the title, if you know the person's name and title. On the next line, place the street address or post office box. On the next line, place the city, state and address. You do not need an "Attention To" if you have the name and title.

If you don't know the person's name—for example, you want to send a resume to the Human Resources department—place the company name on the first line and then the address. Place the envelope lengthwise on your writing surface. Put "Attention: Human Resources" or "Attention To: Human Resources" on the bottom left corner of the envelope.

If you know a first name but not a last name, you can address the letter using the first name after the colon. For example, "Attention: Jane in Human Resources." Placement is still on the bottom left corner of the envelope.


Try to obtain the contact person's full name by using the Internet or calling the company. It is always better to be specific when addressing a business letter.


Don't type out an address or address label and then handwrite "Attention To:" as it will look like an afterthought.